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Personal tax Planning

We can offer you personal tax planning advice from one of our Tax Partners. He or she will help you optimize your tax position and ensure you meet all the compliance requirements.

We offer a specialist personal tax planning service tailored to your individual needs that includes: * Advice on minimizing tax liability for all personal taxes, including: 1. Income tax 2. Capital gains tax (CGT) 3. Inheritance tax (IHT) 4. Non-domiciliary taxes * Completion and filing of relevant returns * Advice on what payments are due and when Clients who benefit from this service attest to the value of an independent adviser who can look at their situation within the larger picture.

Self Assessment

Self assessment can be a time consuming and often confusing business for busy individuals. Hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are penalized by the Inland Revenue each year for a variety of reasons, so it can also be very costly if you don’t get everything right!

We ensure that:-

  • Deadlines are not missed
  • Correct Returns are delivered
  • Appropriate records are retained or presented

Our comprehensive Individual Self Assessment service includes :-

  • Liaising with your bank, building society, stock-broker etc to gather the relevant data for your annual Returns.
  • Calculating your tax liability.
  • Completing and filing your tax return on your behalf.
  • Advising you when various payments are due and how much to pay.
  • Advising on appropriate record retention.
  • Introducing you to all relevant tax saving suggestions
  • Representing you in the event of your being selected for investigation by the Inland Revenue.

Self Employed

Our firm has an enormous amount of experience in dealing with self employed individuals and partners. Whether this be a sub contractor in the construction industry, self employed trades people or partners of professional practices, we have the experience and know how, to deal with all aspects of self employment.

We will guide clients as to their responsibilities, other matters relating to VAT registration, payment of National Insurance Contributions, and will clearly make it aware to our clients the level of current and future tax liabilities. We are happy to accept information from our client in any form, including very basic records, i.e. the traditional paper bag full of invoices and paperwork, or the more experienced book keepers that provide written ledgers, excel spreadsheets or even computer generated back up copies. Whatever your current book keeping levels, we will always work alongside you and make the process of transferring information to us as simply as possible.

We have a large number of self employed clients and give an extremely personalized and informative service. One of our priorities is to always communicate to our client in a non technical, easy to understand manner.

Tax Investigations

During the lifetime of an individual taxpayer, partnership or other business, it is quite likely that there will be some form of inquiry made by either the Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise into taxation affairs.  Inquiries or investigations of this type are very often selected on a random basis.

Any investigation can be an extremely stressful time for a client but we will completely remove the strain of such an inquiry from you by handling your investigation in a very hands-on way.

Because we have assisted many clients in tax investigations previously, and achieved very satisfactory outcomes, we are confident that we will be able to assist you similarly.

Therefore, if you have any issues of this nature that are concerning you, please make contact with us urgently so that we can take control of the situation on your behalf.